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It's impossible for me to list every single review written by people who paid real money and then came back to write a review, the BST is filled with at least 1 review per page (there are 40 pages) -> with zero negative reviewsBut here are some anyways -

" I just read the ebook. It is excellent, direct to the point and the techniques are 100% effective. I am ready to buy any other material that this user sells. He is a guru in the keyword area. I tell you this knowledge is not given by anyone for this low price. Thank you for sharing with those most in need during these difficult times. "

Review by nlacle (paid cu$tomer)
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" This is one of the best investments I have made so far this year. The amount of knowledge that op provides in this book is insane. Tried one of his methods on my website and so far I got pretty nice results. Only made 3 PBN links though! "

Review by ToughSeoX (paid cu$tomer)
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" I have bought this book. You will not find any methods on the internet same as his methods. PS: Not worry about Ahrefs account, because he will help you get a private group buy. "

Review by dailyshoutouts (paid cu$tomer)
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" Finally got the chance to buy and read this ebook in its entirety and as everyone here has already mentioned, it's an absolute goldmine of 8 meticulously crafted methods to find you those amazing low competition keywords using Ahrefs.Simple, precise, beginner-friendly, to the point and zero fluff writing makes this an absolute must-buy! Go get it! "

Review by djd33p (paid cu$tomer)
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" After 15+ years in internet marketing I was sceptical that I could learn something new from a guide like this one. I was wrong, even though I was avare of all those modules of ahrefs I for instance never before used content explorer to find money keywords. Now I did the same way as shown in RealDaddy┬┤s guide, I chose few keywords and built google sites around the topic and I already see some promising numbers of visits. I am curious what happens. Very practical guide straight to the topic and totally actionable advice. Well worth the money and the 20 minutes of reading ­čś│ "

Review by kaudo (paid cu$tomer)
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" I rarely buy a course because most of them aren't worth the money. You can get 1 or 2 golden nuggets out of a good course.
This course contains a basket full of golden nuggets! I look forward to your other courses. "

Review by Kirio357 (paid cu$tomer)
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